Lancement de la troisième promotion 2024-2025 sont ouvertes. Deux sessions de Concours : 6 Mai (application à soumettre avant le 19 avril) et 11 Juillet 2024 (application à soumettre avant le 20 juin). Pour rappel: Seulement 25 places sont disponibles pour l’année 2024/2025


Application must be submitted on our website for the first session before the first of June 2023 and for the send session before the first of July 2023.

Click Here to Apply:

The entrance exams will be held online, for the 2023/2024 academic year, on 16 June 2023 and 12 July 2023. Registration will be online.

The entrance exam includes 120 questions covering 3 disciplines: physics, chemistry and biology. To succeed, a minimum of 60 correct answers out of the 120 questions, as well as 15 correct answers per discipline will be required. The first 50 students will be admitted directly into the first year of medical school.

All courses will be delivered in English. The first semester from September to December is in Orleans constructed based on face-to-face teaching, visio-coreference and E-Leraning interactive platform and the second semester from January to July will be in Zagreb face-to-face.

The courses are organized by and under the responsibility of the MSE faculty in Zagreb. In addition, students can benefit from support courses and internships in Orléans.

Administrative support and teacher leadership support will be provided.

The MSE diploma is recognized in Europe and obviously in France.The diploma is also recognized in several big countries such as the USA, Australian, Switzerland and Germany

The MSE degree in Zagreb is recognized as "high quality" by the Hight Education European Commission.

Tuition fee costs are 12,000 euros per year (direct payment to Zagreb University).

Student grants are proposed by Orleans city and Department subject to agreement contract.

Our grant support a student whose family resources are modest to benefit from a grant that could reach 75% of the 12k tuition fee.

Bank loans may also be available at a very low rate.